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Think About Your Healthy
Whatís Your Healthy?
Shopping for a new health plan is the perfect time to evaluate your personal and family health, and how youíre doing. What defines your own vision of healthy? In the upcoming year, do you know if you will need to see the doctor more frequently, or see specialists? Do you currently have any regular prescriptions? Is there an area where you would like to improve the level of coverage youíve had in the past, such as emergency care or hospitalization?
In this section, weíll ask you to think about the most common types of health care services and think about your needs in each area, so you can achieve your healthy.

Doctor Visits
You know itís important to see the doctor every year for your annual physical. But what about all the times you and your family might get sick during the year, especially if you have kids in school.
In addition, itís important to keep in mind that specialists are often required in todayís world of medical care. If you have a specific medical situation, you may need to see a specialist to get the peace of mind that your health concern is being treated well.
Take notice when reviewing Health Plans that only certain plans do not require the deductible to be reached for primary care physician (PCP) or specialist visit coverage. Other plans require that you meet your deductible before coverage is applied. This is an important factor to weigh against your health needs and your monthly premium costs.

Emergency Care
You never want to go to the emergency room, but accidents and sudden illness do happen. For this reason, itís nice to know your emergency care facility is there for you if need it.
Most of Health Plans provide coverage for urgent care at a small copayment. When visiting an urgent care facility is not possible, emergency care is still covered but typically at a higher copayment. However, only a few of our plans waive the deductible for ER visits.

Itís important to consider the number of prescriptions you and your family have when youíre looking for a new health plan.
With prescriptions, you have the choice between brand and generic drugs, however this will directly impact coverage and cost. Some Health Plans offer better coverage for generic drugs, whereas others offer coinsurance, copayments or coverage that only applies after your deductible is met.
Youíll want to evaluate at what level your prescriptions are covered ó and how expensive they are ó to determine if you need better coverage for prescriptions.

Of course you never want to stay in the hospital, but protection for this circumstance is one of the primary benefits of having a health plan. Sometime you may also have a planned, routine procedure that requires a brief hospital stay.
All of Health Plans provide coverage for hospital stays, typically with a coinsurance percentage after your deductible is met. This should factor in with other health services ó against your monthly premium and deductible ó as you determine the best plan for you and your family.
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